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4 October
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The icon journal of midnightsmagic

Icons also posted and archived on the site, Iconicized.


1. NO DIRECT LINKING. If you direct link, it eats bandwidth, and my bandwidth is already eaten fast enough. If people direct link, chances are I won't be able to keep making icons for y'all - the bandwidth will get too expensive. If you aren't using my icon as a journal icon, you need to upload it to another server. There are plenty of free image servers out there - pick one. Try PhotoBucket or Strike9.

2. Comment! If you take an icon, comment on the post and tell me which one(s) you took.

3. Please ask before you modify an icon. I generally don't mind, but if I randomly see someone using my icon, only they've changed it slightly and not told me, I tend to get a little miffed.

4. NEVER, EVER claim you made these icons. You didn't. I did. End of story.

5. I don't require credit in your picture keywords, but it is nice and I do appreciate it. :)

6. If you really, really like me, you could link to me. I'd prefer a link to the site, but if you'd rather link to the journal, that'd be nice too. :) Link buttons can be found here.

That's all! Not so bad, eh? So long as you follow those rules, I won't hunt you down and spam you with pure hate. Agreed?

Brushes - quebelly, spiffydaze, saava, crumblingwalls, oxoniensis, wannablessedbe, inxsomniax, crushedviolet, angelic-trust.net
Textures - dearest, pocket_icons, any_otherday, awmp

I know I've forgotten some, so if you see your brush on my icons, please let me know so I can credit you!

I <3 feedback :)